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By combining cutting-edge hardware and software components with a range of customised professional services, ClusterVision helps its customers create top-quality, efficient and reliable HPC solutions.

TOP500 Supercomputing Sites

Twice yearly, the renowned TOP500 is published in which the fastest computer systems being used today are listed. Based on the Linpack benchmark performances, the list has been used to define what “supercomputers” really are and which systems can be defined as such continuously since June 1993. The TOP500 is edited by Prometeus GmbH, who are also responsible for hosting ISC, the main European HPC conference, every year in Frankfurt.

In the last installment of the TOP500 (June 2016), ClusterVision is proudly listed five times, including once in the top fifty: ClusterVision implemented the MAKMAN-2 installation (hardware provided by Dell) for Saudi Aramco (#39). The VSC-3 cluster we built for the Technische Universität Wien (#169) uses revolutionary mineral oil cooling technology, developed with our partner GRC. Our fifth entry in the TOP500 is the Minerva cluster (#463) at Max-Planck-Gesellschaft MPI / Albert-Einstein-Institut.

  • MAKMAN-2 (#39)
    Saudi Aramco (Dell Hardware)
  • VSC-3 (#169)
    Vienna Scientific Cluster
  • Bifrost (#423)
    National Supercomputer Centre
  • Minerva (#463)
    Max-Planck-Gesellschaft MPI/Albert-Einstein-Institut
  • LOEWE-CSC (#467)
    Universität Frankfurt
The new CÉCI cluster to be installed at the ULB had to feature a very high number of cores interconnected with an InfiniBand network and with a well-balanced storage system to allow fast IO response to the CPU load while enabling high capacity expansions. ClusterVision proposed a unique combination of hardware and software components matching exactly our needs. The quality of the cluster assembly and configuration reflects ClusterVision engineers and technicians experience in HPC.
Dr. Raphael Leplae, Université libre de Bruxelles
From all solutions offered to us, ClusterVision’s solution has been the most convincing one. With its flexible and innovative design, this solution fulfils our special need for energy-efficiency combining highest computing power. We have been successfully testing a small scale mineral oil cooling system for more than two years now and I am excited we could scale it up to full size with ClusterVision.
Dipl.- Ing. Dr. Ernst Haunschmid, Technische Universität Wien
The ClusterVision solution won out in a very close competitive tender process, as the technology was judged to be the best match to our requirements. In addition, ClusterVision and their selected partners showed a real commitment to collaborate with the University not only to deliver excellent hardware and software, but also a service package which met our specific requirements.
Dr. Colin Bannister, University of Nottingham

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